Symposium 2019: Gender perception of Pathology

Symposium 2019: Gender perception of Pathology

Waar? Auditorium Parliament - Leuvenseweg 21, 1009 Brussels

Wanneer? 23.11.2019


8u30 - Registration

9u - Opening word - Prof.dr. Christine Van Broeckhoven - President Elect
9u20 - Gender Differences in body Awareness in Parkinson’s Disease Patients - Dr. Alexandra Boogers - Neurology Resident and PhD student UAntwerpen and KULeuven
9u40 - Gender matters in Multiple Sclerosis - Dr.Barbara Willekens - Neurologist Department of neurology, MS, Neuroinflammatory Diseases Antwerp University Hospital Belgium
10u00 - Gender Differences in Anginal Complaints - Prof.dr. B. Shivalkar - Antwerp University, Country Medical Director Pfizer Belgium and Luxembourg, Delta Hospital Brussels
10u20 - Gender Differences between Man and Woman with Breast Cancer - Dr. Nathalie Degrieck - Breast Clinic AZ Monica  Antwerp Belgium

10u 40 - Coffee pauze

11u00 - Gender Perception M/F Alzheimer Disease - Prof.dr. Christine Van Broeckhoven - Antwerp University
11u20 - Gender Sensitive Nursing Care - Kaat Siebens PhD, MBA - UZA
11u40 - The Gender Gap in Depression: Nature and Nurture - Dr. Loes Gabriëls MD, PhD, MScEng - UPC KuLeuven

12u00 - Lunch

14u00 - Awareness in all its aspects: Are there gender differences? - Charlène Aubinet PhD CHU Liège- Master psychologie clinique - Neurology department: Prof. Steven Laureys
14u20 - Infertility and relation - Prof.dr.P.De Loecker MD, PhD, Head of Gynecology GZA Hospitals, Fertility Clinic St.Augustinus GZA, Leuven University Fertility Center
14u40 - A Woman with epilepsy is not a Man with epilepsy - Prof.dr.Paul Boon - Head of Neurology at Ghent University

15u Debate

16u Conclusions - Prof.dr. Christine Van Broeckhoven

AWARD ceremony Dr. MICHELINE VAN CAILLIE BERTRAND by her daughter Noémie to Dr. Alexandra Boogers